sk-ilmarinen said: Angry or sad Art with plum, please? * ω *

I miss hamatora so much ; v ; here you go! ♥


kristiandiork said: dragon fruit ♦ rinharu pls bby! ♥

I’ve been waiting for at least one rinharu request yaaaaay! *u* 


lelapinagile said: plum - mimi otp, you know what I mean ^W^

of course! ^ u ^ I’m always happy to draw them ♥


high res

my-riren-medley said: A sexy Levi with dragon fruit? ^^

here you go! ^ u ^ I hope he’s sexy enough ahahahaimage


Why there’s still no fanfiction on “No One Lives”?

REALLY WHY, I’m still waiting for at least one Driver/Emma fanfic *cries forever*